Humanity has made tremendous progress, and will continue to do so.

We have devised schemes, machines and technology greater than ourselves. We rule over them, and operate them without any difficulty. We have overcome babel, and has built things greater than its tower.

However, the tragic part is that despite all these, we have yet to rule over our own hearts and minds.

In 2012, the World Federation for Mental Health published an article titled “Depression: A Global Crisis”. As of 2016, the World Health Organization estimates that globally, 350 million people of all ages suffers from depression, and that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

This is an alarming fact, even for the common person who is not diagnosed as such, because we are all exposed to similar factors that diagnosed persons are exposed to; humankind doesn’t benefit when one more of us suffers. At a personal level, we don’t need complicated science and statistics to show us when we wake up the next morning, how we are constantly unhappy to be at work or school, or how our relationships are not experiencing the bliss that we so desperately want, or the perpetual anxiety we feel from within. Looking at world issues, gloom seems to be looming larger in our economies, nation-to-nation relationships, and climate changes.

We believe at the root, this stems from a lack of understanding of what we are, who we are, and how we can restore ourselves from within. Only when each person is restored, can healthy persons form healthy relationships, teams, families, villages, communities and nations, leading to healthy and reasonable actions at its level.

This is an utopic ideal, but we must do it. It is akin to laying brick after brick until we form one room, then the next, and the next until we get a small house. Then we start again. Isn’t that how man have progressed outwardly – from the first bulb to the space travel dreams that we now have? But restoration of ourselves is not about what is external of ourselves, it has everything to do with what inherently cannot be separated from ourselves – saving our own heart, mind and body.

In each one of us, there is a real universe to be conquered. Space exploration – intriguing; self exploration – zzz? It’s time we got slightly more interested in ourselves. Let us dare to know and conquer ourselves. The world hints and gestures that this is of little worth, or at least it is not as worthwhile as trying to be the next successful businessperson, or the next inventor of a cool gadget, or whatever. Love is understated.

But restoration of humanity begins with loving oneself. It’s about daring to love myself enough in order to know myself, and change – this is restoration. Only then we’ll know how to ‘operate’ ourselves in relation to all creation. And just in case you get the wrong idea, we are not talking about zen-like healing, or meta-physical buzz. Self knowledge and real growth begins gently and can be brutal oftentimes, because it requires honesty and perseverance.

This may sound lofty, but it isn’t – it is downright practical and pragmatic.

To go about our daily lives, we need an ample knowledge of ourselves.

To build the next team for your business, you need a team who knows their own strengths and weaknesses in order for your team mates to complement one another for any chance of success.

To build a good family, couples must know themselves, so integration can happen instead of forming a disintegrated family – which is an oxymoron.

Children begin as strangers in a family when they are born into a family. They can either be ignored, or known. When was the last time we heard a teenager scream, “Nobody understands me at all!”. This is most probably true, but as equally probable is the fact that this teenager has very little idea of herself/himself.

Self knowledge helps people know their current state of life, shows the way forward, and moves them forward, if they are willing – this is self love.

We at Light & Love believe humans have the means to draw out (akin to drawing water out of a deep well) their self knowledge – this is light.

With light, love has a way – and it permeates all of life and the decisions we make.